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Emergency Eye Care

Sight-Saving Treatment in an Eye Emergency

Even those who are fanatical about safety can find themselves in an unfortunate situation. We leave space in our schedule so we can always address eye emergencies such as the following:

What is Considered an Eye Emergency

  • Head trauma
  • Corneal abrasions or scratches
  • A foreign object in the eye
  • Chemical in the eye
  • Sudden changes in vision
  • Partial or complete vision loss
  • Thick yellow, green, or white discharge in your eye or eyes
  • Sudden increase or changes in floaters
  • Flashes in your vision
  • Blood in front of the iris (please find the nearest emergency facility)

First Aid for Your Eyes

In these situations, take these emergency actions immediately.

Chemicals in the Eye

If you have splashed, sprayed, or spilled any kind of chemical onto your eye, flush it out with cool water. Continuously flush your eye for 15 minutes to get as much chemical out of your eye as possible. After this, head to your nearest emergency facility.

If you should accidentally get something stuck directly in your eye do not try to remove it. If it is something small like makeup, shavings, or pet fur try to move it by flushing your eye with water. If it won’t budge, don’t attempt to use fingernails or tweezers to remove it. Trust a doctor to get it out for you.

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Located in the Heart of Surrey, along King George Boulevard, we welcome anyone in the Langley, Delta, Cloverfield and Surrey area to come visit.

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500 - 7380 King George Blvd,
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Contact Information

Phone: (604) 501-0900
Fax: (604) 593-3793

Clinic Hours

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Thursday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Appointments available outside normal
business hours by request.