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Surrey’s Solution for Dry Eyes

Keeping your eyes moist is a full-time job. Your tear glands and eyelids are constantly making tears to keep your eyes lubricated and happy. Often, dry eyes are a temporary situation due to such things as wind, computer use, or a medication you happen to be taking. A common cause of dry eyes is your contact lenses, a source of discomfort that can be remedied through a proper contact fitting and appropriate care and cleaning of your lenses.

When your glands can’t keep up with the task of lubricating your eyes, by not producing enough tears or by producing tears of poor quality, your eyes constantly feel dry and irritated, a condition called dry eye syndrome. For these patients, it goes way beyond dry eyes.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Along with a constant dry feeling, these patients experience a range of discomfort including:

  • Redness
  • Burning or itching
  • Significantly watery eyes
  • Foreign body sensation or grittiness under the eyelids
  • Excess white stringy mucous
  • Blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Discomfort during contact lens wear

What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome

There are two main causes:

  1. Not enough tears – your tear glands are not producing enough tears to keep your eyes sufficiently wet.
  2. Poor tear quality – your tears do not contain enough meibum, a natural oil that keeps your tears from evaporating too quickly.

In either of these cases, your tears will not provide the moisture you need for your eyes to feel comfortable. To discover the root of your dry eye syndrome, we use several methods to quantify and qualify your tears. The I-PEN helps us in our diagnosis of your dry eye, measuring the quality of your tears. We also employ a Medmont Tear Film Analysis to get an in-depth understanding of your natural tears’ behaviour. This test gives us a digital recording of your tear film, including breakup time.

Personalized Treatment for Dry Eyes Right Here in Surrey

We want you to live your best life. Comfortable eyes are a big part of that life. We have a wide variety of treatments available for dry eye syndrome, we work with you to choose the best option for you or create a plan that combines two or more treatment strategies. No matter what it takes, we will find you relief from dry eye syndrome.


These prescription eye drops not only provide instant relief, they also encourage your tear glands to create more tears, naturally. They do this by decreasing the inflammation that may be causing dry eye.

Meibomian gland expression is a manual treatment provided right here at Look Optometry. We gently express your eyelid glands to remove any obstructing dirt and bacteria. By removing this debris, your meibomian glands can function more effectively. This treatment can be repeated when necessary and is most effective when administered monthly.

This in-office, painless procedure is used to remove debris and scurf from the edge of your eyelids using a medical grade micro-sponge. It is performed by the optometrist and takes about 7 minutes per eye. With this treatment every four to six months, you can keep your eyelids free of bacteria, avoiding blepharitis, and dry eye.

Find out more on our BlephEx page.

These compresses provide moist heat to hydrate eyes while soothing them with warmth to combat dry eye syndrome. They use patented MediBeads to encourage blocked meibomian glands to open, for an increase in tear production. With continued use, patients can improve overall meibomian gland performance, resulting in a higher quality tear film with less evaporation.

Book an appointment at Look Optometry + Eyewear to begin a life without dry eyes.

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