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Contact Lens Exams, Fittings & Brands

The Latest in Contact Lens Technology, Available in Surrey

Contact lenses are more than soft, tiny, prescription lenses. In fact, some of them aren’t even soft! Contact lenses are medical devices that sit directly on your corneas. Because they touch your eyes, your contact lens prescription needs to be the right size, shape, and refraction correction for your unique eyes.

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An Eye Exam & Fitting Just for Contact Lens Wearers

For our patients who wear contact lenses, or are investigating the option of contact lenses, we have an exam designed specifically to facilitate your needs.

The Contact Lens Eye Exam

When preparing your prescription, an optometrist compiles a large amount of data from a variety of tests. We measure the shape and curve of your eyeball using the latest equipment available for the most accurate results. Meibography identifies the quality of your tears, while corneal topography creates a three-dimensional image of your cornea. Our exam rooms are outfitted with Medmont Corneal Topographers, considered the gold standard for fitting specialty contact lenses.

Before the exam, we take the time to find out about your expectations and your lifestyle. We may ask you about your hobbies and athletic endeavors to better suggest the right lenses for you. This information, combined with your exam results, gives us a clear vision for the most suitable lenses. A properly fitted contact lens is comfortable, provides clear vision, and is safe for your eyes.

Choosing the Right Contacts for Your Life

Contact lenses come in a variety of types and wearing schedules. Depending on your lifestyle, you may choose from daily disposables to extended wear. If typical contacts don’t fit your eyes because of high astigmatism or keratoconus, an optometrist may suggest a specialty contact lenses for you.

Scleral Lenses

Perfect for those with irregular corneas or severe dry eye, these lenses extend past the cornea to cover the sclera, or white portion, of your eye. Their large-diameter and gas permeable material do not rely on the cornea to dictate their shape. The space between the lens and the cornea maintains moisture, making them a saviour for those with dry eye syndrome who want the freedom of contacts.

Learn more about kerataconus and the treatments we have available at Look Optometry.

Also known as orthokeratology, ortho-k lenses are proving to be one of the best myopia control methods to slow down the progression of nearsightedness. These contact lenses are gas permeable lenses you wear while you sleep. Overnight, they gently reshape your cornea. You remove them in the morning and have clear vision all day. They are effective in slowing childhood myopia, temporarily correcting myopia, and have had some success with astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

For patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness, aspheric lenses help to create a very specific focal point on the back of the eye. This enhances the quality of vision. They work due to their shape. The curve varies through the lens, creating better vision without eye strain.

Sufferers of astigmatism can finally wear contacts, thanks to toric lenses. These lenses correct the blurring, tilting, and stretching of images that result from astigmatism. They are weighted, keeping the lenses from rotating or moving around, making it vital to have them fitted correctly.

For patients with myopia who have difficulty seeing in the distance, wearing contact lenses may cause eye strain at near, where correction is not needed. Multifocal lenses have a different prescription to reduce strain while facilitating better focus. For those who are over 45 with presbyopia, multifocal lenses allow you to see clearly at distance and near without reading glasses.

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